A Day of Hiking

We spent a day hiking at New Port Beach since the air quality of San Gabriel area has been really bad in the past week. And we did find a lot fun just hiking on fresh trails every Saturday in the cities or deep in the mountains and by the beaches.

This Saturday we chose Inspiration Point at Corona Del Mar.

Well, we love the neighborhood. Who wouldn’t love to start a fresh morning smelling roses by the beach.

An earlier hiking always makes us feel good. Specially we saw many like-minded people.

This is obviously such an attractive beach front with a lot of beautiful houses. We love to pay attention to the details on the houses. Like the above picture, the color of green pairs so well with earthy tones on the houses.

The gilded touches on the patio of this blue house are pretty impressive.

The front yard of this beach house is very inviting. The potted greenery is chic and neat.

Every house has such a lush and pretty garden in the front.

And good to see how people just casually chill out wherever they can.

And of course, the lovely beach…

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Happy Saturday


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