Tour An Edgy and Elegant NYC Apartment

Home is the place where we want to feel warm, inviting and relaxing. And a home can be edgy and elegant at the same time. This NYC apartment is proof. Here are highlights of our favorite.


We love how the antique mirrored walls offset with a glossy pink console cabinet at the entry. It is glamorous, youthful yet grounded and sophisticated.


We love designer Thomas Brown uses purple to punctuate and unify each space. The abstract artwork on the walls adds pops of color and interests to the space.

Living Room

The dark plum drape is quite bold and nicely plays with blue, pink, grey and wood tones to create a very fashion-forward feel in this light-filled living room. The mood here is light, pleasant and happy.

Breakfast Room

We love how plum pairs with blue in the large artwork on the wall to create a very romantic moment. The decor here is elegant yet masculine thanks to the clean-lined furniture.

Cocktail Station

We love the light pink on the bar stools. Who wouldn’t want to chill out here at the end of the day?

Master Bedroom

We love the cream tones in the master bedroom–soothing and relaxing.

Powder Room

Powder room is where the drama is. The all black tone is totally different from the rest of the house. We love the enlarged peony prints on the walls.

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