Tour An Arizona Home With Bold And Dramatic Accents

It is a beginning of a new week. We thought it might be a good idea to share a home with colors, something that excites us and pleases our eyes.

We are often fascinated how designer Jamie Drake uses colors in his work—layered, rich, romantic, fashion-forward, elegant and simply beautiful. Not surprisingly, when he and his partner Caleb Anderson designed this second home for their long-time client in Arizona, color and texture plays such an important role. What surprised Drake and Anderson is their client’s taste has evolved and more attracted to bold and vibrant colors, which is different from how he wanted the home to be elegant before. here are our favorite highlights:

Living Room

This onyx slab on the double fireplace blows our mind away. It brings movement to the space with its striking pattern while anchoring this tall ceiling living room with its calm energy. We love how the sectional, flowers and decorative pillows pick up the blue, cream and orange from the onyx slab. The area rug also echos the same color scheme. We also love the low profile of the sectional which will not block the amazing view of the outside and the fireplace. The cream drape next to the fireplace adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Dining Room

The orange color in the artwork echos the orange colors in other room. So the take-away here is when using bold colors, always try to repeat it on different objects to create a thread.


The ice blue on the cabinetry nicely balance off with the bold orange on the appliance door and the bold pattern on the island brown slab. The backsplash and floors here are neutral and muted which allows other objects in the kitchen to standout.

Master Bath

We love how the large- patterned onyx slab balances off with small mosaics, which is a perfect way to keep our eye from feeling busy while making the space interesting and intricate.

Study Room

The large area of neutrals offset the bold orange color to create such an energizing yet soothing work environment.

Outdoor Living

Life is happy here.

You can visit the rest of the home by clicking here.

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Happy Monday

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