Tour A Top Designer’s Moody Bay Area Home

We are first attracted to this house by the clean-line black-and-white color schemed living room filled with chic curved furniture.

The artwork above the fireplace brings in the movement and a subtle touch of color to the living room. The original wood plank flooring is casual, relaxing and add a layer of warmth and welcome to the home. The imperfections on the floors make us feel the space is livable.

As we go through the whole house, we are surprised by the moody colors the designer uses from Kelly green, navy blue to sky blue. These rich jewel tones add interest, depth and elegance to the home.

And for whatever the rich color is used, there is always a black color to anchor and tone down the saturated tone.

This is such a lovely working kitchen–simple but well designed in terms of the layout and color scheme. The navy blue cabinetry and various of shades of blue on the backsplash look pretty luxury.

We love these soothing blue hand-made wall tiles. The brass touch of the decorative plumbings perfectly punctuates the space. The design is all in details.

The bedroom is one of our favorites. Rich dark coco wood headboard and nightstand anchor the bedroom by bringing in the warmth. And wall color here just go back to the white again to create such a calm and soothing vibe.

You can visit the rest of the house by clicking here.

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