Tour a Seaside Relaxing Connecticut Retreat

The first thing we are attracted to a home often is its color palette, something that pleases our eye. Then, what makes us pause and start to really study each space is how it is layered up by leveraging texture, lighting, shadow,..etc. It is in the middle of the week , we would like to give you a tour to a seaside Connecticut retreat with a relaxing meditation room and soothing spa. Here are our favorites.


We love the creamy wall-covering in the entry–clean yet warm and soft, which sets up the tone for the rest of the house. The artwork brings in femininity energy.

Living Room

We just love this neutral tone-on-tone so0othing palette in the living room. The clean-line contemporary mantle quietly anchor the space without being too noisy. The two same-framed sofas in the same fabric upholstered differently provide balanced yet interesting conversation zone.


One of the things to make this home a retreat is this bar station. We love how the dark paint envelopes the space to create an intimate and cozy vibe to relax here. The white marble on the counter and black-and-white artwork on the wall proivde a crisp contrast with the dark background.


Then, comes this open, light and airy kitchen with a classical vibe thanks to its original check-board marble floors. The linen drapery is elegant yet relaxing.

Meditation Room

We love the skylight in the room and the minimalism design–a great place to quiet a mind.


The Belgian plaster on the ceiling is interesting. The black bench add just a right amount of the weight to the space. And yes, the skylight s the killer here. Who wouldn’t just chill out here?!

You can click here to visit the re4st of the house.

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Happy Wednesday

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