Tour A Modern Rustic Home With an Elegant Vibe

We are attracted by this modern rustic home in Colorado region thanks to its soften vibes, the indoor-outdoor feel and some fashion-forward colors. It is an industry style home yet with glamor and elegance. Here are our favorites.

  1. Indoor-outdoor Living with all-glass-wall application.

2. A Touch of Glamor

We love these two purple velvet chairs and they bering in a touch of fashion and glamor to this industrial-style home.

3. Create Warm and Inviting Vibes by Incorporating A Lot Of Texture, Pillows And Wall-covering.

4. The Tabletop Decor is Elegant, Sweet and Soft.

5. The decorative Pillows, Area Rug, Artwork Make This Home Cozy, Layered and Interesting.

You can click here to see the rest of home.

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