Tour an American Couple’s Dreamy Paris Pied-à-Terre

Talking about a typical dreamy Paris Pied-à-Terre, we often think of the elegant French furniture and luxury fabric with fashion-forward colors. And there is always a playfulness and surprise. Today we are going to tour a San Francisco–based couple’s dream Pied-A-Terrie in Paris with stunning views of both the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. Here are our favorites.

Living Room

We love the purple velvet upholstered sofa paired with dark red tufted ottoman to create a very luxury feel in this light-filled space. The artwork adds a layer of playfulness.


We love how this cozy and super flush loveseat sits just next to a patio. It is a perfect place to enjoy you morning coffee or a good evening read. The pop of red on the pillow is warm and inviting.


The elegant wood paneling makes this library calm, intimate, warm and cozy. The rug pattern and the artwork on the wall then bring in vibrancy to the space.

Master Bedroom

We love the trim details on the wall. And a plush brown velvet arm-less sofa is very adorable, which soften the book-shelving wall and bring in a touch of glamour and sophistication. The artwork on the wall is chic and cool.

You can visit the rest of the house by clicking here.

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