Tour a Collector’s Airy, Light yet Inimitable London Dwelling

As we have being experienced the on-going pandemic, we often ask ourselves a question, what colors or color schemes really reflect our current mood and inspire us to live better , happier and enjoy every moment. We have blogged the new color trends and colors of the year 2021 in our recent posts. But we do believe that we are all different and react color differently. Some of us may need a super bright color scheme to push through this strange time while others just need some muted neutrals to calm down and feel anchored. Today, we are going to tour a collector’s London apartment which incorporates both worlds of the soothing neutrals to create a gallery atmosphere and of rich dark color schemes for a cozy and intimate feel. Here are some of our favorites:

Living Room

The heavily gilded mantle in the living room is original and truly reflects the age of the home. We love how the designer painted the living room all white to balance off the heaviness of the ornate elements and to create a minimalism gallery feel. The recycled brass artwork at-top of the mantle makes the space edgy and cool. Two of the dark brown sofas anchor the living room. Fresh flowers bring in a sense of romance.


We love how the designer painted the table and bench black to contrast with the all-white kitchen and walls. A yellow artwork on the wall adds a pop of color.

Dining Room

We love how this large-scale black-and-white artwork on the wall to contrast with the wood console and chairs.

Home Office

Isn’t that wonderful if we can sit in this home office and enjoy the view of the beautiful lush garden outside. A metal white rectangle work table sets the tone of this corner while the padded office chairs make us feel warm and inviting.

Reception Room

We love these iconic  Moroso’s “Tropicalia” model by Patricia Urquiola. They add a perfect dose of bright colors to cheer up everyone.


We love how the designer uses the dark colors on the floor and at the lower part of the walls to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, which contrasts with the clean white in the living room.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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Happy Wednesday

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