Tour a Grand Old Victorian with a Colorful and Geometric Update

Color and shape often impact how we feel about a space. As we are spending more and more time at home, the feel that home gives to us does matter. Today we are going to tour a gorgeous Victorian home with a cool vibe thanks to its color palette and playful geometric shapes. Here are our favorites.

Living Room

We love these earthy-toned low-profile sofas, which anchor this light-filled space without blocking the outside view. We love the round arms and the oval wood coffee table, the shapes that soften the rather square space. The blue window frames are very cute and eye-pleasing.

This large artwork on the blue wall has a nice contrast with the low-profile sofas and large window. It is such a grand space with intimacy.

The triangle coffee-table and artwork bring in a sense of playfulness into the space. This is such a perfect place to chill and have a good conversation. The vintage chandelier , the marble fireplace still indicate the originality of this Victorian house. The green velvet on the chairs is soft and elegant.


We really love this blue kitchen and the architectural details on the island and the upper walls. Again, the shapes play such a vital role to enliven this kitchen.


The same blue plays so well outdoors too. Just a enough dose of blue brings in youthful energy.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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Happy Tusday

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