In Love with Cottagecore

Have you heard about cottagecore recently? We have started to hear about this term more and more specially under the current epidemic crisis. People are seeking a more simpler and tranquiler life style to reduce the stress. Cottagecore is now becoming a new internet sensation that celebrates a return to traditional skills and crafts such as foraging, baking, and pottery, and is related to similar nostalgic aesthetic movements such as grandmacore, farmcore, goblincore, and faeriecore.

So, what do you think? Who wouldn’t love such a cozy English countryside life style?

With the holiday season approaching, let’s have more fun to create such a life style for our holiday celebration. Here are 5 ways to create cottagecore home:

  1. Have a checkerboard patterned table-cloth for your holiday dining table. Trust us, you will be in a mood instantly for holiday celebration. But for this season, we will go for a quieter color palette.

2. A boho chic handmade Morocon rug will always set a tone for a casual and relaxing atmosphere. We love the bright and bold patterns on the rugs for this season.

3. An oversize wicker chandelier is on trend and will bring in a touch of nature and dramatically change your decor in no time.

4. Mixing and matching textiles is such a fun way to create super cozy , warm and layered cottage feel.

5. Think about dry flowers and plants.

6. Always have a comfy upholstered reading chair somewhere in the corner, particularly by the window with a lot of natural light.

7. Maybe it is a good time to paint your bath in vintage pink. Pink for sure make you feel cheerful!

8. Yes, take out all your grandma’s dishware.

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