Tour a Colorful and Youthful Parisian Apartment

Well, if you feel just as stressful and anxious as we are on this election day + 1, we have something very special for you. We will take you to a virtual home tour that is with full of cuteness, youthfulness and freshness. Here are some of our favorites.

Living Room

The first thing we are attracted to this home is this fresh color palette of sunny yellow, green and cream. The striped area rug adds a chic and playful vibe to this rather neutral space. We love the layout of this seating area–open, casual and free-flow. The large wall sculpture nicely contrasts with a classical oil painting hanging over the curved sofa. The cane chair, marble mantle hint a French heritage.


An eat-in kitchen is always fun and functional. A smoke glass over-sized chandelier makes a statement in the kitchen area. The green here echos the green in the living room. Color of green can always help create such a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Home Office

A built-in book-shelving unit is neat and displays some interesting artworks and books. We love how classical French cane chairs contrast with a mid-century modern task desk. The pattern and color of the area rug underneath the desk is quite striking.

The tailored lime green silky drape and a pink sofa here create a youthful and romantic feel. We love the arrangement of those fashion illustration prints.

The pattern on the wood flooring echos with the grain on this bar console.

Master Bath

We love the idea of wicker doors. They are breathable and brings in a touch of natural to the space.

The gold and green is just such a classical pairing. Then there is a terrazzo flooring– fresh, youthful and functional.

Outdoor Living

A trimmed white tablecloth magically elevates this outdoor space by infusing a touch of softness.

You can visit the rest of the home by clicking here.

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Happy Election Day +1

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