Tour a Modern Chicago Farmhouse with a Vibe of The Belgian Countryside

If you are just like us and feel pretty stressed in the middle of the week. We have something special for you — a modern Chicago farmhouse with a Belgian countryside vibe. So sit back and take a deep breath, let’s tour this amazing home together. Who wouldn’t want to chill out by the countryside at this moment?

The Exterior

We love the minimalism exterior with the unifying color palette and simple forms. The wooden doors make us feel very homey and inviting.


Light-filled entry features with light wood plank flooring and a vintage rug.

The vintage Moroccan area rug is the queen in the entry. We love the sophisticated pattern and color palette which bring in some excitement and pops of colors in this neutral space. The white-oak flooring emphasizes the feel of Scandinavia countryside.

The right amount of dark colors punctuate this airy and light home with high style.

Living Room

A pair of leather swivels together with a oversized brass chandelier elevate this living room.


We love the industrial vibe for this modern kitchen with two of the to-the-ceiling open shelves while the Carara marble and brass pendants add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen area. A large chandler creates a zone and anchors the breakfast nook area.

Dining Room

The skirted dining chairs and drapes add a note of elegance to this dining room while the exposed beams are original and organic.

Master Bedroom

This oversized chandelier helps bring down the ceiling. The color palette in this airy bedroom is soothing and pleasant. The patterned area rug adds a touch of warmth and comfort to this light and airy bedroom.

Master Bath

The marble flooring is elegant while two of white-oak vanity bring a modern twist. The brass mirror and vanity stool add some glamorous.

Outdoor Living

We love this comfy sofa with a deep seat which pairs with two of wicker chair,

You can visit the rest of the house by clicking here.

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