Thanksgiving is Coming

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is approaching? 2020’s Thanksgiving, for sure, is going to be so different under the current pandemic crisis. Well, we may all feel a little bit down. But, we really cannot let the virus rob of our life. And maybe this is the time that requires us to think out of box and plan a personal Thanksgiving with a moment of happiness. We know that we will continue our hiking adventures as one of our social distancing activities, try some new color palettes for our table setting and make mouth-watering Keto treats too. From today, we will start a series of Thanksgiving 2020 talking about everything from hiking hot spots in SoCal to festive table-setting, interiors and food. So first thing first, let’s cheer ourselves up by enjoying some beautiful Thanksgiving table escapes we just put together for you.

So, regarding to the color palettes, we will try some bold rich jewel tone colors like cobalt, ruby, red, emerald green, magenta, amber…etc. We have been in this pandemic so long and the rich jewel tones will put us in a cheerful and happy mood.

Plate mates are the another way for us to appreciate the beauty in details.

Of course, we all need a little pumpkin for our a fall celebration.

Also it is time to take out our heirloom fine china and mix and match them with vibrant textiles.

And fresh flowers and greenery will be the must to add that final touch for our holiday tables.

So what do you think now? Are you in a celebrating mood yet?

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Happy Thursday

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