Thanksgiving 2020 Decor Ideas–Living Room

We often found our inspiration by looking into nature. Nature always knows what is the best balance in terms of colors, textures and scales. In our recent hiking trips, we were fascinated how color of blue, lavender nicely contrast with earthy tones such as brown, taupe , stone grey and etc…

As our annual tradition, we continue our Holiday Show House of KHK Designs 2020-2021. And this year’s color scheme is inspired by the colors we were most attracted to when we hiked among city lines, deep mountains and coastal lines along SoCal in the year of 2020, a quiet special year for all of us.

Holiday Show-House of KHK Designs 2020–2021—Living Room

Color Palette

In our holiday show-house living room this year, we use different shades of purple as the primary color complemented by navy blue, brown, pink and orange. The overall atmosphere here in this living room is warm, inviting yet chic and romantic. The gold brass on the ottoman, floor lamp and chandelier elevate this living room with a touch of high style and glamor.


The fluffy faux feather shade for the corner floor lamp, the silky performance velvet on the purple pumpkin and the brown channeled ottoman , the plush decorative pillows on the sofa and the soft area rug all contribute to a layered cozy space that we would love to spend our holiday season with the family. In the year of 2020, we create sanctuary refuge in our home.


Nothing is too precious in this living room. That is why we use a lot of performance velvet which can stand the wear-and-tear much better than the regular velvet fabric. Besides that, we infuse this living room with an elegant BoHo chic that is casual and relaxing such as the blush boho pillows we use on the sofa—they are whimsical and playful–perfect for creating a cheerful holiday mood.

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