Tour a Comfortable and Glamorous Modern Home in Melbourne

We came across this Melbourne apartment today and were impressed by its museum-like space artfully filled with bold furniture and interesting objects. What even amazing is that this apartment is actually not that big but the designer himself curated such a sophisticated interior that everyone is going to fall in love with.

Living Room

Overall, this is a quite clean-line modern home. However, the orange brown low-profile velvet sofa is warm and inviting while the brass mushroom table lamp brings in a touch of glamor. We love the coffee-table books on the cocktail table. Artworks are quite 70s style.

The wood furniture also adds an organic, natural vibe to this modern space.

One of the secrets to dress up a small room is to house some amazing objects like this ring rock crystal LED table-lamp in the photo above.

Small vignettes like this one in the above picture can often enliven the space by making it interesting and sophisticated.


The same orange brown on the bedding softens this modern bedroom and echos the same color shade in the living room.

So here are our take-away to decorate a small space:

  1. Layer it up to create a cozy yet glamorous feel.
  2. Have a clean-lined foundation such as a large modern sofa and contrast it with soft textiles and artworks.
  3. Have one or two collectable pieces or the pieces that speak to you.
  4. Set up several vignettes by using books and small delicate objects.
  5. Have a right dose of pop of color and repeat it somewhere in the house.

You can read the rest of the story by clicking here.

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