Tour A Traditional Hancock Park Home With A Modern Vibe

We are attracted to the soft earthy color palette of this newly renovated historical home located at Hancock Park, Los Angeles. The home has such a Californian easy lay-back vibe yet still keep the traditional feel thanks to its historical architectural bone and classical elements. Here are some of our favorite spaces.

Living Room

The color palette of muted white , gray and brown is warm, inviting and grounded. The floral ottoman brings in a dose of excitement by adding a pop of color and pattern. We love the clean-line tailored white linen sofa that is adored with neutral Boho pillows—cozy and relaxing. Two of leather armed chairs inject an extra layer of warmth. The drapes are elegant and elevate the space. Nothing in this room is too loud and noisy. Every element harmoniously keeps each other’s company

Family Room

The room definitely has a Wasabi-Sabi vibe. We love how a traditional vintage rug anchors this seating area. The custom sectional is comfy. The classical artwork on the wall and the tailored drapes elevate this family room

Dining Room

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by JDP Interiors.

This dining room is definitely one of our favorites. We particularly love the color palette of gray and brown. The cane dining chairs add a touch of casual vibe while the classical artworks in gilded frames on the walls keep the traditional tone for this dining area. The brass wall scones bring in glamor and modernity to the space.

You can click here to visit the rest of the house.

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