We all have longed for a global travel for a quite while. Since it seems impossible to travel globally for most of us, let’s browse the internet for some cool new design. Today we are going to take a look at a new restaurant in Paris— Mon Square. It’s chic, cute, colorful and use quite a lot of pink. The restaurant has begun to pull in a lively crowd of film stars, politicians, diplomats, neighborhood regulars, and young and trendy Parisians. It is French designer Florence Lopez‘s first public work. We definitely love her approach to make the restaurant inviting, soft, welcome and intimate –kind of the approach when we design residential projects.

This is the pink room in Mon Square. We love this commissioned mural which features pink and green colorS. The mural truly enlivens the room and bring the fresh youthful energy to the place. The pink pendants and pink quarts top on the table echo to the pink in the mural. We love how they pair the pink rose arrangement with the green crystal glass. This detail adds a touch of sophistication to the table. Overall, this is just such a adorable place to hang out with friends.

The pink banquets against walls are cozy and comfy.

The pink room is next to a green room. The color palette of green and pink is refreshing, fashion-forward and simply pretty.

The central bar area is so dramatic. It is wrapped in turquoise color accentuated with gold and pink.

Well, we hope we all can visit Mon Square soon in person. You can read more about this restaurant by clicking here.

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Happy Thursday


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