Weekend Hiking

There is nothing to beat up the heavenly experience of hiking on a sunny fall day with lush greenery, jewel-toned flowers and eye-pleasing colorful foliage in peaceful nature. The trails that feature various of terrains of mountains, valleys and lakes seem never ever ending.

Last Saturday we went a hike in both Irvine Quail Hill trail and Shady Canyon trail since we needed to go to visit a workroom in Irvine for our interior design project on that Saturday afternoon. We will have to say that this is a such a great choice. The trails are just amazing and stunning.

Besides the breath-taking scenery, one thing we do love to hike in the suburban area like Irvineis that we are able to see nicely-built houses and mansions in the distance along the trails.

These holiday decoration really put us in such a cheerful festive mood.

We often get our interior inspiration from nature specially on how nature layers up the colors and textures in the different seasons. It was such a beautiful day.

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Happy Monday


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