Tour a Fashion-forward Fifth Avenue Home With Serenity

We came across this beautiful Fifth Avenue home and instantly fell in love with it thanks to its serenity and fashion-forward color palette that make us dream again. After all, it is the holiday season and our eye needs to be pleased with cheerful visual surprises.

Living Room

The color palette for this home is quite sophisticated . We love how the white walls and neutral flooring provide a clean and quiet backdrop for those jewel-like furniture pieces. The stripped and floral patterns on the seating fabric make a good pair while an oversized brown leather tufted ottoman anchors the room. There are color and pattern in the space. However nothing is too noisy and overpowering here. The outside view is beautuflly framed here. It is always such a great idea to bring in a piece of nature indoors.

Breakfast Nook

Hunter Green is back. We just love this green color on the leather upholstered cushion of the banquette. The colors and geometric pattern enliven this all-wood-paneling-wrapped dining area. This space is such a great example to show you how you can make your home feel fresh, modern and cozy, warm at the same time.


The same vibe continues from the breakfast nook area to the kitchen. We love how the elegant and classical black-and-white checkered marble tile flooring breaks up with the all wood materials in the rest of the kitchen and really elevates the kitchen.

Dining Room

The architecture details in this home is quite simple and modern, which really help the rich-toned artworks to shine.


The light teal silky wallpaper in this master bedroom sets a calming tone. The orange trims and pink pillows inject right doses of romance. The outdoor view is perfectly framed here also and truly make this bedroom a get-away oasis.

Powder Room

Did we say that green is going to be huge next year? Well, this is such a well-designed wallpaper–artsy, playful, feminine, cool and elegant. Isn’t all that we want to create a drama for a powder room?

You can click here to visit the rest of the house.

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Happy Thursday

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