Tour a Glamorous Home Filled with Traveling Finds

If you are not into Marie Kondo’s way to organize your home, we have something special for you today. We are going to tour a Manhattan apartment filled with traveling finds from the world.

Living Room

Somehow a textured home always makes us feel warm, cozy and relaxing. A plush area rug, Jasper textile upholstered pillows, the artwork, the peachy flowers really make us want to wander in this living and then take a nap. It looks like each item in this living room has a story behind it and could start an interesting conversation. The solid white sofas and white walls provide a serene backdrop for all of the little pieces here to shine.

Dining Room

We love the green-on-green color palette in this dining room–cozy and elegant. We actually wonder why green is not color of the year of 2021 for Pantone since we see them everywhere from fashion to interior design. The floral pattern on the chairs enlivens this dining room and brings in some excitement and cheers. We love the idea of custom table-cloth because it always elevates the room.


We love a home library wrapped in dark colors like this one in the above photo. This dark home library has an old-world charm and is moody and relaxing. We love how pops of jewel tones of yellow, purple and orange nicely contrast with the dark colors. A vintage area rug offers an extra warmth. This is a perfect place to have an intimate cocktail talk, or enjoy some collectable artworks and a good read.


We are so glad to see that the kitchen in this home emerges in a total different vibe. The white-on-white kitchen is neat and handsome. It has a very tailored and appointed look with both modern and classical vibes thanks to the French black-and-white checkered tile flooring, simple marble countertops and a mid-century modern dining table set. The shimmering tiling on the walls is dynamic and interesting. The blue-and white china display softens the overall look of the kitchen.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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Happy Wednesday

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