Tour Rechio Hotel in Italy

Reschio is a new hotel in Italy and will be open this year. We came across this beautifully designed hotel during our new year holiday weekends and fell in love with it . We love the color schemes, amazing local craftsmanship, the organic approach of using materials, the art of mixing of old-world charm and contemporary pieces and the romantic country vibes. Here are some of our favorite designs.

We love the organic stucco walls. They are truly an old-word charm and have an underestimated beauty.

Te relaxing country style mixing with the contemporary furnishings is very refreshing.

A touch of green brings in elegance and energy to the neutral room.

The wallpapers and embroidered tablecloth showcase the local craftsmanship.

We love the gilded oil painting in this quiet bedroom.

The drapery and the lampshade soften the room with a traditional elegance while nicely contrasting with the contemporary furnishings in the room.

The color scheme of red and green is very Italian–romantic and whimsical.

The red enlivens this all-wood room.

A daybed with a skirted canopy is such a perfect place to chill in this natural-light-filled room. Time for good read or a sweet nap.

The tailored contemporary sectional is dotted with relaxing green pillows.

Maybe the outdoor space is all that matters.

You can visit the hotel by clicking here.

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