Tour A Modern Parisian Pied-à-Terre

The contrast of refined and organic and the mix of vintage, modern and custom-made undoubtedly create an interesting and timeless interior. A home is such a soft place for us to lean on specially in today’s pandemic crisis. We love the romantic Parisian style and we are even more attracted to those with a quiet gesture thanks to the muted color palette , the use of natural materials and the perfect balance of different elements. Today we are going to tour such a peaceful and elegant home—a Parisan Pied-à-Terre.

The muted neutral color palette creates a quiet and soft refuge. The muted green leather on the chairs brings in a just right doseof pop of color to enliven the room. All the natural materials of wood, Travertine have a relax feel while the brass lighting fixtures and the details on the molding inject a touch of Parisian glamor.

The geometric forms of the built-in book units, fireplace and furniture contrast with the classical white wall panels to create a timeless interior.

The warm light brown cabinetry nicely contrasts with polished marble. The simple form of a modern pendant above the kitchen island makes us appreciate more the medallion details on the ceiling. All of the molding details and wall panelings tell the story and the history of the home.

There are enough natural light to shine through the windows yet in a very soft way thanks to the sheers that filter out the most of glares.

We love the coziness in the bedroom. The white linen bedding and drapes are comfy, relaxing and sumptuous.

The brass pendants and wall scones by the bedsides save the spaces on the nightstands for placing other items such as this tall vase with a casual floral arrangement.

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