Tour A Quiet Elegant Nashville Mansion With The Art Of Restraint

We came across this beautifully designed Nashville mansion by Richard Hallberg, a design titan based in Los Angeles, and were drawn to its sophiticated modern classic vibe. The cloud-like color palette really helps showcase the antiques from different eras and also make the home clean,cozy and livable. The layered vignettes bring in the interest and stories to the spaces. This is the kind of the home that we love to wander around and surprisingly find the new details in each visit. Here are some of our favorite spaces.


The exterior of the mansion has a a clean-line modern classic vibe. We love the simple boxwood that is dotted around the front yard and nicely contrast with the muted white on the exterior of the home—soothing, quiet yet grandeur.


The lacquered deep blue on the front door elevates the home and set an intricate classical tone. The Japanese wallpaper in shades of slate blue adds dimensions without being too overwhelming. A large white round sculpture hanging over an Italian antique console balances off the pattern on the wallpaper and allow our eye to rest.

Living Room

The cloud-like color palette continues in the living room for a cohesive feel. A chess artwork in grey-and-white echos the Japanese rice wallpaper at the entry. All of the furniture in this living room is in clean-lined modern classical style.

A long Parson style console is a perfect place to host books, sculptures, art and greenery. We love the nail trim details on the console.

Family Room

The whole wall 4-piece artwork installation brings in some drama in a quiet way. The reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling add a touch of organic and natural feel to the family room.

Dining Room

The antique French chairs nicely contrast with an elegant regency style dining table in this light-filled dining room. Again, nothing here is too noisy or loud and everything harmoniously blends together to have a quiet and pleasant conversation.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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Happy Thursday

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