Tour A Light-filled San Francisco Home With A New Life

The neutral color palette in the residential design will still dominate the year of 2021. We are drawn to the soothing and calming neutral color palette in this newly renovated San Francisco home which provides a perfect backdrop to showcase the breathtaking lush views outside of the window. The attention to detail, the contour touches, the well-made custom furnishings and the artwork collections truly help elevate this Francisco home in an understated way.


We love the open and airy feel in this entry. A large sculptural center table with an oversized lantern hanging above anchors this grand entry. The patterned creamy rug brings in texture in a subtle way. A double-side concrete firebox is a focal point for the entry.

Living Room

Two seating zones define the flow for this grand living room. The contour sofas and chairs in grey and white colors add elegance and sophistication while the artwork on the wall brings in pops of color and pattern. The plush pillows infuse the space with warmth and comfy.

Here is a perfect example how to frame a beautiful plush window views with neutral clean-lined furniture.

Kitchen And Dining Area

We love the blue-grey on the cabinetry which is echoed by the same color on the drapes to create a cohesive vibe through the house.

Master Bedroom

The wallpaper with a subtle pattern injects depth and interest to this neutral colored bedroom. The linen bedding create a casual, relaxing and soft atmosphere.

Master Bathroom

The all creamy marble tiled walls and flooring is chic and elegant and nicely contrast with the lush greenery outside of the window.

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