Tour A Modern Farm House With Mystery and Masculinity

Sometimes we are drawn to the dark color palette since it is reflecting the energy of mystery and masculinity. Furthermore, the dark color palette is also chic and modern and can be a perfect backdrop for the furnishings. Today we are going to tour a modern farm house in a handsome dark color scheme.


We love that all the doors, trims and ceiling are also painted the same dark grey as the walls to create a calm and minimalism atmosphere. The white washed floors nicely contrast with the dark walls and make the home brighter and bigger.


The maximalism vignette truly stands out and add layers and interests to the entry without fussiness thanks to the dark walls. The oversized lush greenery makes the space alive.

Living Room

The white linen slipcovered sofa adds crisp and relaxing vibe to the living room. The wood pieces warm up the rooms in a casual and organic way.

The all dark walls and ceilings create such a perfect backdrop to showcase the personal collections of the owner at the maximum. The floor wood framed mirror echos with the large windows and reflect more light back to the room.

We love the cozy reading den with a built-in plush bench storage seat.

The wood console brings in a touch of rustic charm. A group of framed prints are quite impactful and some formality to the space.

The white linen bedding is crisp and relaxing while the texture and subtle pattern in the master bedroom add depth to this soothing master bedroom.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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