Tour Victorian-era Dwelling With A Modern Twist

We came across this beautifully designed Victorian-era house in Melbourne on Vogue Living today and quite fascinated how modern and fresh the house looks.

Front Door

Victorian-era houses normally have a quite impressive asymmetrical facade. Different from other Victorian-era houses, the facade of this one in Melbourne actually is clean, open and quite airy. We love the intricate metalwork on the ceiling and the flooring tiles. The toner color palette of grey, black and white truly gives the house a modern feel.


The white-on-white color scheme in the entry again modernizes a would-be ornate Victorian home and injects a quiet elegance with a lot of classical details such as the columns and dovetail moldings in an understated way.

A clean-line fine-leg marble console emphasizes the minimalism and simplicity of the house. Yet, the artwork and floral arrangement brings in subtle pops of color to enliven the house without making loud noises.

Color eventually emerges in the dinning room. We love how this light blue on the chairs fresh up the dining space with a dose of soft romance. And the black on the blackened steel door frame and a floating console anchors the white room while the colors on the artwork warm up the space.

Teal and blush on the lounge chairs in the living room are encouraging an intimate and relaxing conversation.

Well, the all-black powder room has its own drama and truly stands out with its chic and organic feel.

You can click here to visit the rest of the house.

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