Tour A Parisian Apartment With Tradition And Modernity

We came across this adorable Parisian apartment and fell in love with its chic, warm and organic feel. Since home owner is Morgane Sézalory of Sézane, a France’s leading online clothing brand, we will have to say that the way she incorporates the colors in her home is equally impressed just as her fashion.

Living Room

We love the crisp white on the walls which serves as a perfect backdrop for all the items that sculpt the decor for the home. The pops of blush pink, emerald green and plum add a touch of romance to the space while the greenery and artworks enliven the space. The kitchen can truly be a great example of how we want a floor plan for the current pandemic crisis when everyone needs to work at home at the most of the time. The top half of the kitchen walls were knocked out and were replaced by glass panels. By doing so, it makes the whole area ( living room and kitchen) enclosed yet still expansive.

There are so many interesting vignettes that are styled and layered by books, artworks and personal souvenir collections.

A wicker settee is a star and brings in a piece of nature to the house with such a relaxing vibe. We love how the soft velvet pillows contrast with the natural material.


The stark contrast of white and dark slate grey on the counter and cabinetry modernizes the kitchen. We also like how the kitchen counter displays the artworks and miniatures to make it such an artsy place to work and hang out with the families and friends.

The brass legs of the the vintage 1950 chairs bring in warmth and glam to the dining area. The colors of emerald green and red on the dining chairs create a fashion-forward vibe.

Master Bedroom

The masonry headboard not only adds the architecture details but also provides an extra display space as well. A large antique mirror enlarges the room and reflect the beautiful personal decor items.

You can click here and here to read more about this Parisian home.

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