Tour A Warm And Inviting Denver High Rising Home

An urban home doesn’t need to be minimalism, cold and stark. Designers often can bring in warmth by introducing the color palette, soft textures and layered looks to make the magical happen just like this Denver high-rising home.

Living Room

The color palette of black and white in the living room is softened by the wood flooring, cream drapes and relaxing textured area rug.

The vintage decor pieces also make the space interesting with an extra layer of a historic sense.


Nothing is better than creating a family wall gallery for a personalized home.

Reading Nook

The warm mid-century setting in this reading nook has a casual elegant vibe. A large round mirror harmonizes the space while the lamb wool chair lends the extra comfort for this resting area.

Dining Room

The large section of oatmeal color on the walls, flooring, drapes and the table provide a perfect soft backdrop for all black items in the dining room. The vintage pottery greenery and antiques again relax the space.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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Happy Tuesday

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