Tour A Rustic Chic Vocation Home In Idaho

We fell in love with this rustic country home because it is also refined and sexy with its sleek and elegant European-inflected furnishings.

Living Room

modern country living room with modern furnishings

The colossal rustic rock fireplace anchors double-ceiling living room and is balanced by the sleek low-profile sectionals upholstered in cream linen to create an open and fresh modern space.

Breakfast Nook

Plush pillows are such a necessity to make a space cozy, warm and inviting. Yet the simplicity design on the pillows modernizes this rustic country home.

Dining Room

The peacock, flowers and candles add just right dose of decor to make the space moody and sophisticated.


The all natural wood kitchen with a super long island is casual, practical and relaxing while the crafted pieces elevate the space in such an understated way. The brass faucet add a touch of glam.

Master Bedroom

The sleek posts of the bed not only modernize this master bedroom, but also add some architectural interest to the room.

Master Bath

The master bathroom is a well-designed space with tailored creamy linen drapes, a soak tub and a plush area rug.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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Happy Thursday

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