Tour A Newly Renovated Vancouver Home With An Eclectic Elegance

We are attracted to this newly renovated Vancouver home thanks to its subtle color schemes, modern yet glamorous furnishings and the masterful blending of old and new, bespoke and vintage.


warm and inviting entry with light wood stairs and flooring

The original oak flooring is warm and inviting. The modernized craft furniture and moldings makes the house feel young and fresh.

Living Room

black, white and wood in a modern living room

Black on the chairs and fireplace anchors and modernize this all-white living room with a touch of glam. The wood ad natural stone make the space warm and inviting.


a modern kitchen with wood cabinetry
a modern kitchen with wood cabinetry and lounge area
a modern kitchen with white-wash cabinetry and brass bar stools

The subtle color palette in the kitchen is warm and relaxing. The brass hardware elevates the kitchen in an elegant way.

Dining Room

airy and bright modern dining room with a beautiful view

Grouping several sculpture-like lighting fixtures in the dining room is such a cool way to extend the artwork on the walls. We love the airy and light vibe in this dining room. The arch doorways open up and soften the space. The greenery arrangement on the console echos the lush landscaping outside, which help further expand the space.

a modern dining room with art and cool lighting

The artwork brings in pops of color and enlivens the dining room with playfulness. We love the dark color on the dining table and chairs—easy to create a very moody atmosphere in the evenings with the lighting effect.

Master Bath

a modern airy masterbath with a free-standing  tub

The modernized moldings with a clean-lined tub and plumbing fixtures create a soothing spa-like refugee. The curves on the tub and the faucet help create a relaxing feel.

a small airy and bright powder room with big style

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