Tour A Warm Minimalism LA Home

We came across this pristine LA home owned by celebrity hairstylist , Jen Atkin ,and her photographer spouse ,Mike Rosenthal. The house is crisp and pristine thanks to all-white furniture yet has a warm minimalism vibe.

Sitting Room

The area between the patio door and the window is a wonderful place to create an inviting vignette with a plush daybed and mini tables for drinks and books. The creamy warm whites in this room help create a quiet and soothing atmosphere. The mixing and matching of the contemporary and vintage pieces is fun and playful.

Living Room

When you group all the plants together rather than scattering them around, it creates a pretty neavisual impact in the room. The same trick works on the pillow too.


We like the minimalism decor in the fireplace. And wouldn’t mind sit here for day dreaming, would you? Yet, an oversized white peacock add a dynamic interest. And the channeled lines on the chairs echo the geometric lines on the fireplace to create a sense of eye-pleasing uniformity.

Bedroom Gallery

The white wall is always such a perfect backdrop to display all kinds of artworks.

Home Office

The wood chairs and natural fiber rug make this home office a chilled and cozy place to work in.

Master Bedroom

The sheer drapes magically soften the room. Two sculptural chairs in front of the bed are adorable.

Outdoor Living

After all, it is LA where we can enjoy outdoor lush greenery the year around.

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

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Happy Wednesday

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