Holiday Long Weekends—Outdoor

After several rains in Feb. in SoCal, we are in full steam to spring. The passing weekends are quite special—-Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and Presidential Day. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful time with your families and loved ones. We did two-day back-back hiking, one is by the coastal and another one is in inland. It was just so much fun to experience the different terrains. And we set up a picnic after both hiking.

Day One

We always found the most amazing plantations by the coastal lines. The blues and purples are one of our favorite colors to find in nature here. Our this year’s Valentine tablescape color scheme is inspired by these gorgeous colors that surround us whenever we hike in this area.


The pink and cream
All the amazing pinks

Don’t you agree with us that nature always knows the best in terms of colors.

After the hike, we found this perfect picnic location at the top of the hill overlooking the lake.

We always enjoy setting up a picnic table by using floral tablecloth. It just magically transforms the scene with a little refined =elegance.

The view here is just amazing. The same is the tablescape.

Berries and lemons always bring in cheerful festivity.
Charcuterie is an easiest way to set up a picnic.

Mandarins are in season.
The strawberries are also in the season for the Valentine’s Day.
We really enjoy the time here.

Day 2

Our Day 2’s hike was a short one. And we wanted to spend a little bit more time for picnic.

We handmade these heart-like Keto cookies—yes, no sugar, no wheat, no grain and gluten-free. All are good fat.

Berries are one of our favorite fruits thanks to their low sugar contents. And they always make a beautiful picnic table.

Brunch is served. Would you like to have a plate too?

It looks like today is a lazy day for us.

We took another short hike when it is sunset time.

Hiking along a wood fence is just so romantic specially in the sunset.

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Happy Holiday Long Weekends

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