Tour A Chicago Home With Modernist And Classical Vibe

The neutrals never go out of style. They not only create a calming and soothing home, but also can serve as a sophiticated backdrop for one-of-the-kind artworks and stylish furnishings that reflect who yo are and tell your own stories . Artist   Josh Yöung’s Chicago home is such a example.

Living Room

modern glam living room white
modern living room with a classical stone marble white

We love the toner moment in this living room—the white walls, white sofa and chairs, and white area rug create such a dreamy and cloud-like place. Thanks to the textural materials, pre-war framed wall moldings and brass hardware details, the living room is anything but a plain white box. All the artworks give more meanings to the space.

old and new mantle vignette

The masterful mixing and matching of old and new, modern and classical, abstract and maximalism make this living room collected, interesting and timeless. Books can be such a great tool to decorate a home.

a console vignette with a white screen behind

To make the room interesting and sophiticated is to create a warm and inviting vignette by layering up artworks , books and different styles.


modern and classical white bedroom

The relaxing linen drapes not only soften the room but also help cover the intense light through the windows. The canopy bed adds architectural interest.

modern and classical white bedroom

You can click here to visit the rest of the home.

Shop The Look( Click Each Image For The Details)

white modern sofa
white modern skirted sofa
modern channeled sofa
modern curved loveseat
modern curved sofa white
white fur chair with brass frame
cream channeled lounge chair with brass frame
modern channeled bench with brass frame
white modern bench with chrome frame
white modern bench with chrome frame
upholstered round geometric ottoman
wood screen
natural fiber screen
modern beveled mirror

Happy Wednesday

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