Tour A Well-designed London Home With A Refined Elegance

This well-designed London home has everything we want– a modernized Victoria architectural bone with minimizing detail, a soft color palette of grey and white, a master mixing-and-matching of old and new, the dynamic use of natural materials such as marble, wood and concrete. the top-notch craftsmanship and a lot of natural light.

With minimized decor accessories, the classical architectural details are really able to shine and stand out.

We love this soft color palette of grey and white, punctuated with a dose of muted peach.

The curved sofa in this nature light filled living room is just like a well-dressed elegant lady while the angular concrete coffee table and rattan chairs balance off the femininity with the masculine energy.

The black marble wrapped mantle is cool and chic while the fresh flower arrangements bring in a touch of romance.

The vignette of a wicker chair and a minimalism accent marble table at this corner invites you to take a seat. The parquet flooring has a classical vibe.

The elegant drapery and a vintage jar is an artful mixing-and-matching of the refined and rustic.

The linen, leather and wool create such a relaxing casual elegance in this all-white bedroom.

The all-marble wrapped walls, flooring and the floating vanity in this master bath make the space feel upscale, expansive and calming.

You can click here to visit the rest of the house.

Shop The Look ( Click Each Image For Details)

Happy Thursday

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