9 Alfresco Dining Ideas

With the weather getting warmer, we cannot wait to set up a beautiful table for alfresco dining with the colorful fresh spring blooms and garden greenery. Today we are going to share 11 ideas for alfresco dining.

A blue hand block-printed tablecloth anchors this outdoor dining space with a chic boho vibe.

The slip-covered dining chairs and upholstered furniture bring indoor comfort and sophistication outside.

The striped tablecloth set a cheerful and relaxing mood and serves as a perfect backdrop for a Mediterranean brunch party.

The white linen tablecloth with an intricate embroidered border has a French country vibe.

A kitchen bar is casual and fun to hang out just in the backyard.

The rustic beauty creates a calming and relaxing outdoor dining experience.

The color palette of grey, charcoal and cream is perfect for this minimalism setup.

We love how the modern outdoor appliances pair with the organic earthy clay tableware.

Sometimes, we do need pops of color like this bright orange to cheer us up.

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