Spring Blooms

We visited a little botanic garden yesterday. At a first look, it seems that there is nothing happening. But when we turned around and took a close look, then magical just happened. We saw the beautiful spring flowers with the most amazing color and shape are quietly blooming in the soft late afternoon spring sunshine. Then we found more and more amazing spring blooms almost on every single branch. We were puzzled that why we didn’t see them at all at the very beginning. Maybe we have to quiet our mind first and then able to see the beautiful things that we can’t see when we are in a hurry or when we feel anxious. This philosophy also applies when we design our home. When there are too many options and we just don’t know which one to choose, maybe it is the time for us to step back and take a deep breath, just ask ourselves a simple question: which one pleases my mind?

Here are some of the photos we took from yesterday’s visit. Please enjoy!

spring bloom in blue-andpurple

Nature has the most amazing colors. We love this blueish purple. The different shades of blue and purple make a fashion-forward interior.

spring bloom in  orange

The yellow orange is warm and cheerful. The color is perfect for an accent chair and pillows.

spring bloom in yellow

This sunny yellow reminds of me Pantone color of the year 2021. It does deliver a very positive vibe.

spring bloom in pastel

We believe this is kind of California sage. How beautiful these magical flowers are.

spring bloom in blue-andp-urple


Purple so far is one of our favorite colors and we love use this hue on our interior design projects.

spring bloom in yellow
spring bloom in red

The tiny pinkish flowers are full of life.

spring bloom in blue-and-purple

It looks like we have a little snow here.

spring bloom in blue

Hope you get tones of inspiration to start a new week.

Happy Monday


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