9 Top Kitchen Trends in 2021

We have spent much more time in our kitchen than ever before since 2020. It is always such a pleasure to start our day here with a cup of coffee and bask in soft morning glow. We believe a kitchen has being became more important to all of us. A kitchen may not need all of the razzle-dazzle in the market. But a kitchen with a free flow, abundant nature light, good lighting design, enough counter space and functional appliances will always make life easier and prettier. In case you are planning your kitchen remodeling this year, here are our favorite top 9 kitchen trends in 2021. Read on to check them out.

  1. A all -marble kitchen with graceful veins.

People still love airy and light kitchen. That is why an all-marble kitchen has dominated the market for many years. But in the year of 2021, everybody wants to have those white or creamy marbles with bold and elegant veins , the more the better because they show the character and personalize the space.

2. Hanging pots and pans will be back in a big way because we all want to access what we need immediately. In the year of 2021.

3. Stained wood kitchen cabinetry is on the trend but more in a minimalism form.

4. The kitchen is becoming a more elegant space with multi-zones.

5. Appliances are becoming the focal point and the star in a kitchen thanks to the more accessible innovative technologies and the design to offer more color options and finishes.

6. Floating shelves are a sure way to create a curated vibe in the kitchen by showcasing your favorite dinnerware and artwork. But bear in mind, less is more.

7. A dark and handsome kitchen with its chic and modern flair will, for sure, elevate your home in a sophiticated way.

And it is more fun to mix and match different materials to create a layered kitchen that you can easily feel in love with.

8. There are more finishes for sinks and choose those you can add a touch of glamor or playfulness to your kitchen.

9. Yes, we all love appliance drawers since they make our life much easier.

Hope you find those kitchen trends helpful for your planning project.

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