Top 9 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas in 2021

Back splash choices in a kitchen often plays a critical role to either break or make the overall kitchen design. Here we are going to share top 9 kitchen back splash trends we find interesting and inspirational for the year of 2021.

  1. Bold geometric tile design is on the trend. They are bold and playful yet with a touch of gracefulness.

To tone down the drama of the bold geometric patterns, make sure you choose a more muted color palette or netruals.

2. To-the-ceiling backsplash creates an enveloped cozy kitchen–easy to clean too.

blue geometric to-the-ceiling backsplash

To-the-ceiling backsplash is one of our go-to design ideas for both kitchen and bath remodeling because it create a very uniform feel for the kitchen specially when the kitchen is in usea nd quite chaotic. You will appreciate the idea so much by then. Whar’s more, the light bouncing on and of fthe tile walls often create quite interesting illusions.

3. Any shades of blue tile backsplash is popular.

blue to-the-ceiling vintage tile backsplash

Blue is the most favored color in the whole world. Blue kitchen backsplash will provide you a sense of peace and relaxation.

4. Granny backsplash is back. The key to make it work and relevant is to repeat the Patten in the different scales on other items in the kitchen such as area rugs and shades.

classical blue backsplash with checkered blue curtain in the white kitchen

5. Vintage industrial-vibe backsplash gives a kitchen more character.

geometric to-the-ceiling tiling wall

6. The old-world Portugal tile backsplash brings in a touch of history to a kitchen.

old-world claasica blue floral backsplash

7. Fabric-like kitchen backsplash not only softens the space but also provide a perfect backdrop for the cabinetry.

fabric-like to-the-ceiling tile backsplash

8. Subway tile is still here but with different scales and sizes.

white sub-way tile backsplash with blue cabinetry

9. An illuminating backsplash tile wall will for sure add some dazzlings and glam to a kitchen.

shimming to-the-ceiling subway tile wall

Hope you find those trends are informative for you to plan your kitchen revovation.

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subway glass tile

pattered blue tile

geometric tile for backsplash

pattered blue tile

black-and-grey geometric tile for wall and floor

black-and-white geometric tile for wall and floor
marble tile with brass inserts for backsplash and walls

marble tile with brass inserts for backsplash and walls

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