Top 6 Spa Bath Trends At Home

There are 5 bathing experiences for today’s luxury home spa:

Soaking: The most common tub type, soaking tubs offer a tranquil experience with no extra hydrotherapy technologies.

Jetted – Whirlpool: Also called a jetted tub, a whirlpool tub has water jets near major muscle groups for a vigorous water massage.

Jetted – Air: An air tub features tiny holes to stream air through, providing a gentle massage with bubbles for a highly relaxing experience.

Combination: The combination tub provides all the features of both whirlpool and air tubs, so you can choose your experience each time you bathe.

According to Pinterest bath trend report at the beginning of this year, there is a huge demand increase for a deep soaker. While a warm soak is usually a welcome respite, many homeowners still crave the massaging waters of a jetted tub to soothe aching muscles and psyches.

And, the good news is that many manufacturers provide a range of options that can be incorporated into the tub, allowing bathing to be elevated to a truly personalized experience.

Here are top 6 home spa bath trends :

• Many soaking tubs include options that can be added, such as air injection, whirlpools and massage jets, all designed to customize the bathing experience.

• Several new technologies include tiny bubble enhancements that soften skin while providing a relaxing soak.

• The latest jetted systems employ technology that keeps the pipes cleaner and accessible for easier maintenance.

• Many spa tubs also incorporate elements such as mood lighting/chromatherapy and aromatherapy for greater relaxation.

• Ergonomics is key to comfort in the bath, and today’s tubs feature backrests, slanted designs and armrests to provide the body with the ultimate experience.

• Tub sizes are being adjusted to fit today’s bathrooms, with designs ranging from 60” to fit into standard tub spaces all the way up to fixtures that will fit two bathers comfortably.

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Product Recommendation

Capturing the elegance of minimalist design with crisp rectangular lines and an absence of ornamentation, the Metro Sculpted Finish tubs from MTI Baths is offered in three generous sizes with lengths of 60”, 66” or 72”. The tub is notable for its 11” larger extended deck on one side that provides a safe and convenient ledge for entering or exiting the bath. Available as a soaker, air bath, with Microbubbles or as a combination of the two, the Metro features a sloped backrest and ergonomic design. MTI offers its handcrafted Sculpted Finish with the Metro, allowing customers to choose to finish from one to four sides of the tub, converting the traditional tub to freestanding.

Shop The Products below:

MTI Baths Metro 2 61″ Undermount Acrylic Stream Bath Tub with Center Drain and Overflow Model:SM84-WH-UM

MTI Baths Metro 2 61″ Drop-In Acrylic Air Bath Tub with Center Drain and Overflow Model:AST84-WH-DI

MTI Baths Metro 2 61″ Drop-In Acrylic Air Bath and Stream Bath Tub with Center Drain and Overflow Model:ASTSM84-WH-DI

The Jacuzzi Arga bathtub

The Jacuzzi Arga bathtub embraces the body in continuously moving water from its Swirlpool jets. Precisely blended, scented Epsom salts can be added to the tub’s mixing chamber with waterfall delivery to deliver multiple benefits. Illuminated glass touch controls and Illumatherapy lighting are also featured.

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