September Room Design Series—An Entry With A Fresh Fall Feel

Here is our September Room Design Series—an entry with a fresh fall feel. Fall is a time to slow down, get cozy, and take a deep breath. We have brought in this feeling to the design —layers of quiet warm whites to relax and rest in yet there are subtle pops of color that make you smell cider and cinnamon. The iconic animal prints are fun and whimsy. We love to play the tensions between the chic modern and clean-lined classical, the sculptural-feel minimalism and soft intricacy.

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Carter Chair

Carter Chair

The Carter chair brings a luxe elegance to your master bedroom, living room or guest room. The rich color and wood legs ground the style for a traditional accent. 

Ludwick Accent Table

Ludwick Accent Table

Carved from a single block of solid marble, our striking accent table is both minimalist and modern. The finely veined white marble has a luminous sheen and natural variations that make each piece unique. Use the table to prominently display decorative objects or hold drinks and snacks with standout style. 

  • Large: 13″ diam., 26″H.
  • Small: 8″ diam., 22″H.
  • Carved from white Banswara marble.
  • Polished to smooth, high shine.
  • Natural variations inherent in stone make each table unique.



Definitely one of those “Where did you get that?” pieces. This new bust sculpture looks like it was snatched from a French art gallery. Formed around a mold using the classic papier-mâché technique, bust has a rough, unfinished texture that will vary from piece to piece. Each will be unique.



South American hide lays canvas for distressed black leopard spots. Pattern printed on top of neutral beige hair-on-hide leather, rug makes a bold, vintage-inspired statement in any space. Each will be unique in shape, size and color.

Schumacher Faubourg Horse pillow cover in Brown 178012 // Designer pillow // High end pillow // Decorative pillow

Schumacher Faubourg Horse pillow cover in Brown 178012 // Designer pillow // High end pillow // Decorative pillow

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