Several Trends And Thoughts On Nature Stone

Love natural stone and think about using it for your remodeling project? There is an inherent beauty and depth that come with natural stone that can enliven any homes. It’s original and one-of-a-kind. There are several trends and thoughts about nature we love to share here:

  1. Marble is still king when it comes to kitchens while quartzite is requested more often due to its hardness.

2. Using the same stone for both the countertop and the backsplash to make a strong statement.

3. Not every edge detail can be made with quartz, where you can with natural stone.

4. There is a natural patina that occurs for natural stone.

Maintenance about natural stone

Homeowners are often concerned about using natural stone in a space that gets a lot of activity, such as a busy kitchen. They may worry about staining white marble with red wine or pasta sauce, for example. It is important to know that natural stone will need to be sealed after install. There are some impregnating sealers on the market need to be applied twice at install but last for years after that process.

Sealing is typically completed by the fabricator after install. In heavy use areas, it is suggested resealing periodically.

Being diligent when spills happen and cleaning them up immediately means they don’t get absorbed and stain the stone. In fact, natural stone countertops are much easier to maintain than people think because they aren’t having to clean porous grout on a regular basis. A simple wipe down is usually all you need. For example, quartzite is just as durable as manmade materials and a regular wipe down is all you need. Marble may require a little more attention and if you spill wine on marble, you should wipe that up before it has a chance to set.

Here are some premium sealers in the market now developed to polish marbles, onyxes, and soft quartzites [dolomitic marbles]. It gives full protection against etching and staining from lemon, red wine, coffee, tomato juice, vinegar, mustard, ketchup and oil, to name a few. These sealers are usually a permanent treatment that has been tested with the items above for at least 12 hours. Some also has bacteriostatic treatment.

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