Room Design–A Mid-century Modern Living Room With Warm And Whimsical Vibes

This mid-century modern living room we designed has a warm and inviting vibes thanks to the warm neutrals and pops of saturate colors from lounging chairs, pillows and artwork. All the seating pieces are new for this fall. The horizontal channeling on the sofa, the curvy profile of the lounging chairs and the coffee table create a very relaxing atmosphere. The classical floor lamp brings a touch of sophistication. The vases on the coffee table and the side table have a organic feel. The silky emerald green plush area rug gracefully anchors room. And the artwork truly grabs your attention with fun and whimsical patterns. Can you imagine yourself sit here on a quiet fall afternoon for a conversation or a good read?

Interested in this look, contact us with the item numbers listed in the mood-boad below.

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Happy Friday

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