7 Top Kitchen Trends From The Kitchen Industry

In the past a year and half, more people have spent more time in their kitchen cooking and using their appliances. People are also purchasing things with extra storage space, reorganizing their spaces to fit more, buying new appliances and compatible appliances like air fryers. Here are top 7 trends we have seen from the kitchen industry.

Health is Top Priority

Products that promote a healthy lifestyle have been on the rise for several years, a trend that continues to thrive. Health, wellness and hygiene have become must-haves in the kitchen and home – now more than ever. A dramatic increase in the purchase of organic food drives consumers to seek out products that help them store that food properly. Appliances with the latest, state-of-the-art food preservation technology, sanitation cleaning and allergen removal are heavily favored.

People are also more conscious about how food is prepared, one of the health trends that has driven the rise of steam ovens and steam cooking in the past several years.

There is the need for a dishwasher that can take the endless needs to clean and sanitize while still keeping quiet because people are working from home more and run the dishwasher during the day.

Induction Cooking

People want appliances that last long and deliver on quality and performance. They are also seeking sustainable and energy-efficient appliances, such as products that incorporate induction technology. Induction is gaining popularity, since it uses electromagnetic energy to heat cookware directly, resulting in more efficient heat transfer to food, as opposed to gas or electric appliances that heat indirectly. This not only reduces emissions but keeps the cooking surface cooler to the touch. Induction also offers more responsiveness for greater control and is easier to clean.


Another area of interest that has presented itself this year is in ventilation hoods, as people have become more familiar with the significance of clean air – both in their homes and office spaces.


People have long desired ways to make their kitchens compatible with their lifestyles, a trend that has grown tremendously with more time spent at home. People are more passionate than ever about customizing a kitchen that reflects their personalities and breaks through the monotony of basic materials and finishes. They are more focused on designing a space that reflects their own personality than the resale value of the design.

From pops of color to paneling options, built-in and integrated appliances are becoming increasingly common, especially as people are seeking more decorative options. This ranges from refrigerator paneling that blends in seamlessly with the cabinetry to statement pieces that help express the homeowner’s style. People are opting for professional-style appliances that serve as a focal point in the kitchen while offering greater power and performance.

Accessory kits to change out the knobs and handles on a standard product are also in high demand.

The staple stainless steel will always fit in any kitchen look. But having the ability to add a pop of color or blend in with the white, black and gray kitchens is always something people are asking for. 


The current trend in major kitchen appliances is to reduce or eliminate the need for countless small countertop appliances and accessories. Lines of major appliances are more refined, and undercounter technologies are prevalent, including many drawer applications. Even appliances – such as microwaves – that used to sit on the counter, now are available in undercounter applications.  

More Storage

Storage is very important. Not only are people buying bigger refrigerators, freezers and wine storage, but they are also buying extra storage for the garage and other areas. Many people are purchasing refrigerators with designated wine and beverage storage so that there is more room for food.


People are looking for appliances that will make their lives easier and dynamic, given the situation of the increased amount of time we spend at home. This includes features in the area of convenience and entertaining, like our refrigerators with cocktail ice, etc. along with connectivity feature sets that enable greater interaction.

Not surprisingly, there is a greater integration of technology in the cooking space and a higher demand for connected appliances. People are taking advantage of the features and conveniences their appliances can provide, and more and more companies are incorporating smart technology into their appliances. Ultimately, people are looking for more ways that their home appliances can help simplify their lives while meeting their aesthetics.”

WiFi is available on most appliances nowadays, and the way we have digitized appliances has changed the game. You can control music, grocery lists and even temperatures when it comes to WiFi and appliances. Even with increased connectivity, ease of use is still important. As more digital screens are incorporated into all brands, people want it to be intuitive.

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