A Day Of Halloween Inspiration

Are you the one who are planning to host a Halloween party for your family and friends and still looking for the last-minute decor ideas? From Halloween inspirations to the planning tips and last-minute decor ideas, we’ve got you covered in today’s blog. So read on and enjoy!

A Day Of Halloween Inspiration: Every year, we will check out what’s new and what’s cool out there in the market.

Here are some simple tips to help you to kick off your Halloween party prep :

  • Set a date and time: Make sure you plan your date and location ahead of time. Sometimes, Halloween doesn’t fall on a weekend, so plan accordingly! Also, decide where you’ll be hosting your get together to make planning the rest of your details a breeze.
  • Pick a theme: Once you’ve planned the date and location of your Halloween party, pick out your theme! Some good theme ideas include “Freak Show”, “Haunted House”, “Autumn Harvest”, or “Hollywood Horror” to name a few. Get creative with it! 
  • Send invitations: Now it’s time to send out the invitations. Use your DIY skills and create some memorable and spooky invites to send out to your guests. This is also a great time to state if your party will be practicing social distancing. 
  • Choose or make your decor: Start planning your decor details according to your theme. Whether you plan to go shopping or DIY, the options are endless.
  • Put together your menu: It’s not a party unless there’s food and drink! Make sure to have your food and drink ideas planned well-before the party so you don’t have to do last-minute shopping or cooking. You can even create a pot-luck list if you want your guests to contribute. 
  • Plan activities: Create a list of social distance-friendly activities that your guests can enjoy at the party. This will ensure everyone will have something to do and will make your party memorable. Make sure you have appropriate activities planned depending on if you’re throwing a party for adults or if it’ll be kid-friendly

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