6 Interior Design Trends In 2022

From harmony with nature to wellness spaces, natural materials and various earthy colors, here are 6 interior design trends in 2022 you may want to watch for in case you are planning your own home refresh this year.

1. Outdoor living is still going strong: There will be increased interest in well-designed patios, porches and backyard gathering spaces. As outdoor gatherings became widespread during the pandemic, patios, porches, balconies and backyards grew in importance. These spaces are no longer bare-bones and overlooked. Going into 2022, they will be increasing in the spotlight as essential places to unwind and get together with friends and family.

2. The home gym and health craze isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The hybrid work schedules necessitated by COVID, along with permanent remote work and more time at home, have led people to prioritize health along with work. Weight rooms, indoor sports courts, spas and meditation sanctuaries have all become important for quiet, privacy and escape.

3. Biophilic design is thriving: Harmony with nature is in, as is a desire for natural materials. Biophilic design elements like natural lighting, greenery, organic shapes and natural forms will be big in 2022.

4. Sustainability Is a Must: Prioritizing eco-friendly materials and bringing plants indoors will be big in the year of 2022. The rise of biophilic motifs goes hand in hand with the demand for more sustainable and natural materials.

5. Color and Pattern Everywhere! When things are optimistic, people use color and pattern because it’s something that can easily be changed. Among the colors expected to be hottest in 2022 are emerald, white, tan and cobalt blue. Mini print florals will continue to see a resurgence in popularity while mixing retro-inspired colors and prints will also be a top trend.

Similar to International Klein Blue (named for the artist Yves Klein, who created and patented the pigment), cobalt blue is sure to stir the pot this year in highly saturated designs.

Tan is another color on the rise.

6. Formality Reimagined. A formal dining space can be transformed into an inviting, vibrant place to dine, entertain, study, and play.

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