New Year LookBook 2022—Stairway

2022 is here. Happy New Year! We have just designed a series of New Year LookBook rooms based on our design projects, best sellers in 2021 and trend studies for 2022. There are some trends in 2021 that will continue going strong in 2022–like all curved and sculptural shapes & forms and mixed materials. Pattern and color is emerging big in kitchen, living room and bath refreshes. Functionality is important but we are totally OK with things that are just pretty and please our eye and heart all day long. In today’s blog, we share our design of New Year LookBook 2022—stairway.

New Year LookBook 2022—Stairway

New Year LookBook 2022---Stairway

We often love to create a welcome zone at the stairway. Although, most of the time, the space there can be quite limited, it is fun to get really creative to design something that is bold and unique. The wall by the stairway is a great place to install wallpaper to get that wow factor! Color and pattern is sure the secret to achieve the goal like this animated leaping zebra wallpaper with a rich emerald green backdrop we used in the above design! Who wouldn’t love a cozy cloud-white curvy boucle chair nowadays? Once you are home, the chair will hug you and invite you to take a seat. A high-quality well-crafted sleek mahogany center table elevates the space with timelessness while a brown leather basket has a relaxing vibe of the old school charm and provides a perfect storage solution right at the entrance. The porcelain vases with gilded details on the mahogany table bring in a touch of glam. The striped candle holders are whimsy and playful. Last but not the least, the lush greenery lights up the whole space with a heavy dose of freshness.

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