5 Chandlers That Will Make A Striking Statement In Any Space

Either to create a focal point with a bold design, introduce a touch of nature to home or to add an extra layer of elegance and cast a romantic warm glow, these 5 chic chandlers will elevate any space by making a striking statement with their graceful forms and grand scales. And now up to 30% off!!! It’s an great opportunity to save big and upgrade your home in 2022.

Sanibel Chandelier

Sanibel Chandelier

Gorgeously crafted, this intricate chandelier has the same organic form as the coral that inspired it. While grand in scale, the look is warm and approachable with a mix of natural wood and coco beads in a mix of shapes and sizes. A beaded tassel adds a nice finishing touch. Made by hand, each chandelier is truly one of a kind.

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Rosecliff Chandelier

Rosecliff Chandelier

With classic touches and a grand scale, this creates a striking focal point that draws the eye. An antique brass finish radiates a romantic glow.

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Coral Chandelier

Coral Chandelier

There’s so much we love about this chandelier – the grand scale, the organic form, and the way it instantly transforms a room. Expertly crafted, each slender arm has been shaped and sanded to mimic the organic look of coral. It’s delicate and dramatic all at once.

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Kentfield Long Pendant

Kentfield Long Pendant

A nod to traditional candlestick lighting, pared-back lines give this a more modern look. The absence of glass panes creates a clean, airy look that casts an unobstructed glow. A gilded finish adds a touch of polish.

Pescadero Tiered Chandelier

Pescadero Tiered Chandelier

An inspired way to add a textural note to the room. Beautifully crafted from coconut shells over an iron base, we also love the versatility of the neutral look.

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