6 Top  Interior Design Trends We’re  Excited About for 2022

Our appreciation for our homes as sanctuaries is here to stay in the year of 2022. People are going to up their game in 2022 from transforming the WFH space into a permanent structure for more flexible work arrangements or creating the ultimate entertaining space for parties of the future. Not surprisingly, there will be demands for finer, more compelling designs and finishes since everyone has learned to love their home and want to make it more special and unique for decades to enjoy.

Color and Pattern Everywhere!

The fresh color palette of pink and green in this living room is romantic and cheerful. ERIC ROTH
This green velvet accent upholstered chair will elevate any space with a touch of glam and elegance.
The checkered pattern on the slipcovered chairs are casual and relaxing.
The floral pattern on the sofa really makes a statement and has a femininity vibe.

People are starting to embrace color. Everyone’s going bold these days with strong yellows and burgundies, hunter greens, and bright blues combined as stripes, plaids, and checks all in a playful sort of folk art feel. Vibrant colors are also having a moment too.

Formality Reimagined

The modern farm-house laid-back feel.

Practicability and comfort are on the top list of many people’s refresh or renovation projects. They prefer to choose fabrics and furniture based on durability, making sure items in their home can resist the wear and tear that comes with a more casual ‘lived in’ lifestyle. 

The light and airy coastal vibe.

Inviting and Inspiring WFH Spaces

The well-designed home office. ERIC PIASECKI

With the advent of Zoom and more work being done at home, people are asking for two fully functioning offices—one for each spouse or partner—where they can work and not be disrupted, or be disruptive to others in the family. These rooms can be like small libraries with abundance of cabinetry, paneling and if possible, a view or a porch on which to take a break or power nap. Whether it is a cozy nook or a room of its own, a successful WFH area begins with the right seating and desk.

Mixing-and-Matching different materials and styles in an artful way

Putting Antiques and Heirlooms Front-and-Center


With the wild lead times we’re all seeing now, people are more open to imperfections in their antiques, since ‘in stock and ready to ship is so much more appealing than ’26-week lead time( or even longer).

Soothing Spaces Driven By Nature

Easy breezy coastal vibes with cane materials

People enjoy being in the nature more than ever and love to bring a piece of nature indoor. We have seen organic forms and more natural materials ate chosen. Neutrals, greens, browns, natural grass cloth, unlacquered brass, and flora and fauna patterns are gaining the popularity.

Leaning Into Fantastical Elements for Bold Design

The upholstered sculptural curvy dining chairs are the star in this dining room. PAR BENGTSSON

It is fun to incorporate fantastical prints, shapes, and home accents to create a one-of-a-kind room.

The animal print wallpaper the sculptural chair and one of the decor items on the table make this entry so unique and interesting.
A stunning coral-inspired chandelier makes a striking statement in this coastal living roo

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