Room Design—Entry In Green

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Are you planning to wear green, drink green or decorate your home with green? For whatever the cause, it is good to celebrate. Life is about making precious memories by celebrating each special moment. Green means luck, hope, prosperity and well-being. And specially today, we pray the world peace.

Green, soothing to the eyes, makes a restful interior. We love green! Pale green, soft green, emerald green, yellow green, blue green, you name it. Somehow, green has a magical power not only to make a space alive but also elevate a space with a touch of sophistication. Here is an entry we designed featuring color of green.

Entry In Green

This entry design is inspired by Green Slice Modern Painting by Tony Curry. For us, this is just such a perfect green shade that is fashion-forward yet calming at the same time. We paired this Green Slice artwork with Jessalin Beutler’s Eclipse Portal and Rancho San Carlos by Cheryl Trotter. We love the color blocks painted in such a romantic way. Green silky dot pillows are playful.

A hand silver-leafed white lacquered hand carved beech credenza makes a striking statement in the entry with its painted bamboo at the doors and chic suspended acrylic slab supports. A pair of pink tight back chairs bring a touch of timeless classical vibe with its brass details and turned and tapering legs. An antique lamp adds a mystery to this entry vignette. An authentic hairless cowhide anchors the space with warmth. The juxtapose of old and new, modern and classical makes this entry chic,fresh interesting and inviting.

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