Ready For Entertaining Again—6 Ways To Play Up Your Entertaining Game This Spring

We finally went to a concert last night and felt really excited to be with the crowds after a long time of periord. Now that we are gathering with friends and family in our homes again, with the warmer weathers, brighter natural light, booming blooms and fresh greenery, it’s time to think about refreshing our homes and entertaining settings that will make any gathering and party a success. After all, life is about celebrating special moments and making beautiful memories. Here are 6 ways to play up your entertaining game for the spring holidays.

Create The Mood With Color

Simply put, warm colors like red, orange and yellow often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Calming colors like blue and green can make you feel calm and stay focus. So colors make us feel different. Before we get ready to refresh any space, the number 1 question we need to ask ourselves is ” How do we want to feel?” Green, soothing to the eyes, makes a restful interior. Without any doubt, color is key for an inviting dining or entertaining space. In the below breakfast nook we designed, we chose a classical green gingham woven fabric for the banquette to bring a dash of easy elegance. A pair of plush curved green velvet dining chairs invite you and guests to linger a little bit longer after a meal. You can click here to learn more about how we created this green breakfast nook ideal for cozy spring holidays.

Create a Cheerful Place By Introducing Bright And Happy Wallpapers

A bright, happy wallpaper is a great way to bring in a pop of color and stimulate conversations. Wallpapers are just like paints can give any space an instant makeup. We love to choose wallpapers that have bold designs, larger patterns for a fresh and young energy like the pink and green geometric wallpaper we used in the below entry design.

You can learn more about this entry design and shop your favorite furniture and decor pieces by clicking here.

In the meanwhile, we love to use classical chinoisserie wallpapers to elevate any space for a touch of sophistication and timelessness like the chinoiserie wallpaper we used for the below entry to impress and wow your guests.

Spring 2022 Lookbook---A Chic Entry

You can click here to learn more about this entry design and shop your favorite entry furniture and decor pieces.

Create A Playful And Laid-back Space By Introducing Bold-Colored And Textured Rugs

The bold-colored and textured rugs can make a striking statement in any space. The statement rug is almost the statement of the room and the rest of the room can fade away back. We love the new collaboration between Kit Kemp and Annie Selkie like the colorful rug in the below photo.

The Kit Kemp Collection for Annie Selkie--Barbados Collection
Annie Selkie

You can learn more about the collection and shop your favorite pieces by clicking here.

Create An Airy And Lighter Layers For A Spring Mood By Bringing In Coastal Chic

Coastal Chic Dining Room Sets

Serena & Lily

We welcome that extraordinary time of year when nature reawakens and the possibilities feel endless. From natural rattans, to laid-back French bistro chairs to statement-making chandeliers to classical gingham linens, you can click here for our 5 dining -room-set picks that will elevate your home dining and entertaining experience with style and coziness. Now everything is 20% off with code HOME.

Time To splurge On Statement-Makers For Your Entertaining

From the organic airy rattan to the curved silhouettes to the coastal laid-back to the warm wood with the graceful veins to the minimalist looks and the artisan touches, here are our 21 chic dining room furniture picks from Lulu And Georgia’s Friends & Family Spring Sale Event that will transform your space magically by bringing in high style. Enjoy 25% off discount with code Family25.

Outdoor Living Al Fresco

Bunny Williams Deming Gazebo

It’s time to relax outdoors with friends and family for the Spring holidays. To get your outdoors ready, you can click here to learn and shop Our 12 Picks From Legendary Bunny William’s New Garden-friendly Spring Collection With Ballard Design.

A warm afternoon breeze, cool drink in hand, friends gathered together, step right outside your door , paradise is closer than you think. From lounging to dining to playing, you can click here for our 17 picks from Serena & Lily’s Spring Sale Event–Outdoors ( Now 20% off with code HOME).

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